Big East Roundup: 2/27/23

The regular season is coming to a close, so with Marquette in the hunt for a solo Big East crown, I thought it would make sense to put the charts I usually throw up online in one place on the site.

Big East Schedule Map

The teams are sorted based on quadrants, in order they appear on the NCAA teamsheet, so they give us a pretty good visual guide of where the schedule strengths/weaknesses lie.

I’ve also added the yellow cells to note which games are happening this week. Xavier at Providence will be the marquee matchup while Villanova hosts UConn to see if its current form will make it a dark horse NCAA bid contender.

Massey Composite Ranks

I’m a huge proponent of using preseason ranks as a gauge to measure season results. And the fairest way I’ve found is using Massey’s Composite ranks, which collect 20+ human and algorithmic models to give you an overall look at how teams measure up.

Collecting these weekly also gives us a great visual to see the rise and fall. Like take Georgetown, they were widely expected to be the worst team in the conference, and that is true, but the level of failure is almost twice of what was expected.

This also gives us a good way to group teams into tiers, with the top being a jumble of 4 tightly grouped teams (plus Providence lurking just behind).

TRank Efficiency Tiers

I still love my OG TRank charts. This one measures the adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency (taking pace out of the equation) and adds in the lines based on national trends. So you can see that the Big East doesn’t have any Tier 1 teams, at least nationally, but UConn is the closest contender.

It also is a good way to see what you can expect from upcoming opponents.

Big East Title Odds

This is ripped directly from TRank once more, so please be sure to visit the link and see it for yourself.

Marquette is guaranteed a piece of the crown, and almost assuredly taking the whole thing itself.

Synergy Shot Quality

Synergy rolled out a new feature this year that tracks the quality of the shot taken, based on a myriad of data points, so I’ve kept track of the offensive side of the ball the whole season. Marquette remains an offensive standout in pretty much any type of analysis.

Visual of the Week

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