Video: Shaka Smart redecorates for team success

This is the kind of content I don’t usually put up on the blog and leave for the Twitter account, but I couldn’t shorten it enough for Twitter to let me upload it and I think the full context is needed. So up on the blog it goes.

If you haven’t been already, I would say that listening/watching the Marquette Thursdays radio show should be a top priority the weeks it runs. Getting to hear from Shaka Smart in these settings is such a treat, and provides a good opportunity to see why he’s been so successful as a coach.

(Most Recent episode:

So as I was working, listening to Thursday’s show, I had to stop what I was doing and re-listen to this segment, because it’s a perfect example of everything that has gone right for the team this season.

I really do think you need to hear it so will suggest it once more. But the reason it resonated so much with me is that being a stathead, I’m focused on individual stats to a fault. And hey, I’m a blog boy, it doesn’t much matter what I do, but in Shaka’s case, his job is to draw the best out of these players collectively.

Hearing how he went about putting it into practice, removing the individual milestones and instead focusing on the team success may be corny, but I think it’s such a perfect encapsulation living what he’s preaching.

Teams that win are celebrated even decades later. Individual results, while noteworthy and laudable, are much more easily forgotten.

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