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Photo by Anthony Giacomino/ Paint Touches

Italy Box Scores and Player Averages

Finally found the time to rewatch the four Italy games and keep a box score for each. I am not a professional scorekeeper, so there may be a few discrepancies here and there. One issue was the approximately three minutes and thirty seconds of game time against LSU Atletas that was lost due to bad […]

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Ellenson Jumper

Henry Ellenson Eurotrip Highlights

As I wrote last week, I’m not about to make grand declarations from four semi-competitive games in August. Yes, Marquette went 4-0 and generally looked impressive, but the quality of competition isn’t high to begin with, and those teams were in preseason form as well. It was 1,000 times better than Pro-Am scrimmages, but still […]

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Rapid Reaction: Marquette 89 Haukar 82

#mubb @SwaggyDu1 & @HENBA13 combined for 52 points in last night's win over Haukar. — MarquetteMBB (@MarquetteMBB) August 13, 2015 Marquette kicked off its 2015 foreign tour with a hard fought 89-82 victor over Haukar. Paint Touches has assembled some quick reactions to the Golden Eagles’ “season opener.” • Duane Wilson is the leader […]

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8 simple rules for watching MU’s Eurotrip games

It’s not even September and we are about to get a taste of Marquette basketball in a competitive setting. No practice whispers, no Pro-Am myths. Real, live basketball. Giddy doesn’t begin to describe my interest level. Reading this all-access primer from Sports Illustrated’s Brian Hamilton took it to another level. If there was ever a […]

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Google Trends 2

What basketball means to Marquette, in two charts

Earlier this week, Paint Touches crossed the 2,000,000 views threshold that had for a while been the sole raison d’etre. Mark Strotman had gone to greener pastures and my personal life had taken me away from Milwaukee and to a new focus, my daughter. I told myself all I needed to do was reach 2,000,000 views for the […]

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