Where are they now: Rob Frozena and Tommy Brice

(Marquette Athletics)

(Marquette Athletics)

21 points. 10 rebounds. 3 assists. No, this isn’t the stat line of one great game but rather the career numbers of fan favorite Rob Frozena in his four year Marquette career. Fan favorite may be underselling it a bit. He was a rock star with the crowd chanting his name on a regular basis, begging to have the 6-foot-1 walk-on inserted … after he graduated.

Preceding him as head towel-waver on the bench was Tommy Brice. While never reaching the popularity heights of Rob-mania, we have received multiple inquiries on Twitter asking what he was up to since putting up 5 points and 2 assists in three years with the Golden Eagles.

We caught up with Frozena and Brice to find out what life has been like since hanging up the sneakers in 2011 and 2008, respectively.

(Before you get any further, you have to read a piece Mark wrote about being a walk-on back in 2011, one of Paint Touches’ first stories to garner over 50 views and the first to get linked to by ESPN.)

PT: What’s it like to be a walk-on on a high DI team?

RF: I don’t know. It doesn’t have a whole lot of fanfare even though it may seem like it. I learned from the best [pointing at Brice].

TB: It’s pretty rewarding from an aspect of getting to put Marquette on the front of your chest. For all the work that gets done in practice, it’s worth it to look back at the game-time memories.

PT: Was there any sense of relief when you graduated and there were no more practices?

(Marquette Athletics images)

(Marquette Athletics images)

TB: Well I had two more years of school after I finished playing basketball for PT [Physical Therapy] school, so I tried to cram in two years of partying that I missed out on in that time.

RF: It’s twofold. It’s nice that you don’t have to go back to practice anymore. I get to set my own schedule and my own rules. At the same time, you go to the games and you miss it. You miss the guys a lot. But it goes both ways. It has it’s pros and it’s cons.

PT: Where are you guys working right now?

RF: I’m a stock trader. It’s great. I enjoy it a lot.

TB: I’m a physical therapist and I work here on the east side on Downer Avenue.

PT: Do you guys catch a lot of Marquette games living in Milwaukee?

TB: We actually just recently became season ticket holders.

RF: We’re going to start our own walk-on fan club up at the top. Bring some towels to wave around.

TB: We’ll be like that Andrew Bogut section at Bucks games but at Marquette games.

PT: Do you get any perks or discounts for having played on the team?

RF: We could sit in the lower bowl if we wanted to spend enough money, but we’re going to sit up top for now.

TB: If it’s a really big game and we have family in town and we want to give our tickets away, sure. We can still get in somehow.

PT: You both got to be a part of the Big East, what do you think of the new conference?

RF: It’s not the Big East but it’s the best they could do. It’s making the best out of a bad situation. It sucks that the Big East isn’t going to be what it was, but I think the teams that are coming  make for the best you can ask for based under the current circumstances.

TB: I guess I’d have to say there’s going to be a lot more conference championships coming our way. It’s a great opportunity to play teams like Butler and Creighton. We have to get a lot more non-conference exposure. We’re playing OSU this year so that’s a good opportunity .

PT: Favorite memory from your time at Marquette?

TB: I’d have to say probably Steve Novak hitting a 3 to beat Notre Dame or his 41 and 17 against UConn. Those are probably some of the most dynamite experiences at the Bradley Center. I feel like I couldn’t even hear myself think.

RF: I have two of them. One is hitting the 3-pointer against North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament, however, we were losing by a lot so that wasn’t much fun. The other one was when we beat Syracuse to go to the Sweet 16. That was the first time since the Final Four team.

PT: (To Rob) There’s a picture of Wes Matthews, Lazar Hayward and Jimmy Butler celebrating when you scored. Do you have a giant frame of that picture?

RF: My mom has it posted everywhere in our house. I don’t have it, though. That’s probably one of the best pictures ever. It was when we played Seton Hall and I got my first basket.

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  1. drdanf
    July 6, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    Can that picture be purchased? The photographer needs a beer for that one! Is it a JS or MU product?

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