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Jimmy Butler Wahlberg

A History of Bromance: Jimmy Butler and Mark Wahlberg

Jimmy Butler’s rise from homeless teenager to NBA All-Star has been a made-for-the-big-screen tale based on hard work and skill. It’s no wonder he was signed by Jordan, increased his brand value, and became a household name.  Jimmy Butler’s friendship with Mark Wahlberg isn’t quite as easy to explain.   With Entourage hitting theaters this weekend […]

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Travis Diener: Sassari (Italy); Game Stats

Warriors Abroad: November 2013 edition

It’s time for yet another edition of Warriors Abroad, our look at past Marquette basketball players and where they are currently plying their trade. We tweaked our criteria a bit and are no longer listing players who are no longer playing professionally as the list is ever growing. We also changed the format a bit […]

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(Marquette Athletics)

Where are they now: Rob Frozena and Tommy Brice

21 points. 10 rebounds. 3 assists. No, this isn’t the stat line of one great game but rather the career numbers of fan favorite Rob Frozena in his four year Marquette career. Fan favorite may be underselling it a bit. He was a rock star with the crowd chanting his name on a regular basis, […]

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Jerel McNeal: Guangsha (China); Game Stats

Where are they now: Jerel McNeal

It’s not easy going from being one of the most decorated players in Marquette history to yet another name in the long list of NCAA athletes passed up by the NBA. Jerel McNeal’s transformation from a scrawny teen out of Hillcrest High School in Illinois to one of the most gifted scorers in the game […]

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Warriors Abroad: New season edition

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of the new season for our regular feature here at Paint Touches. Warriors Abroad focuses on the goings-on of former Marquette players in their professional basketball careers.  If you have any suggestions or have any information as to the locations of player’s whose info we do not have posted, drop […]

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