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A History of Bromance: Jimmy Butler and Mark Wahlberg

Jimmy Butler’s rise from homeless teenager to NBA All-Star has been a made-for-the-big-screen tale based on hard work and skill. It’s no wonder he was signed by Jordan, increased his brand value, and became a household name.  Jimmy Butler’s friendship with Mark Wahlberg isn’t quite as easy to explain.   With Entourage hitting theaters this weekend […]

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Jimmy Butler’s playoff heroics for Chicago

It’s a slow time of the year right now for Marquette basketball, so sometimes throwing up a few highlights of a former player is what passes for content. It may not be terribly informing, but my goodness, was it fun to watch, particularly if you were a Bulls fan.  Jimmy Butler scored 31 points, a […]

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Interviews from Jimmy Butler’s return to Milwaukee

Jimmy Butler returned to the Bradley Center once again, but this time not only was he wearing red and black, he was playing a significant role on a playoff team. Butler did not disappoint, scoring 18 points in 27 minutes while grabbing 6 boards and two steals in a 104-88 victory over the Bucks. Here’s […]

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