Markus Howard goes undrafted, signs with Denver Nuggets

(Photo by Ryan Messier/Paint Touches)

At just 5’11”, size has been the biggest detriment to Markus Howard’s game at every level. But at every level Markus has proven time and again that his scoring acumen and ability to shoot the rock is otherworldly. That is what he was born to do, and that’s what he’ll be asked to do at the NBA level.

Undrafted through the 60 formal picks, Howard was scooped up by Denver and signed to a Two-Way deal, per Harrison Wind of DNVR.

As a quick primer, Markus’ ability to create his shot has made him the All-Time leading scorer at Marquette. But beyond that, he’s the best off-the dribble shooter since Steph Curry. Those are not my words, but those of The Athletic’s Draft guru Sam Vecenie, as told to Paint Touches in a Q&A in May.

The stats prove it. Of all high-major players with at least 110 pull-up jumpers since 2011, nobody had the quantity of Markus, but more impressively, nobody came close on efficiency either. Of those players that took 300+ pull-up jumpers, none reached 1.0 PPP.

Markus is that solitary dot on the top right with 613 attempts and a ridiculous 1.12 PPP.

But he probably won’t have the same leash at the NBA level. But his shooting in general is ridiculous.

It was never the focal point of his game, but the catch and shoot numbers speak for themselves.

And if you want to plant him in the corner and let him launch, the results are pretty, pretty good.

There’s very little that hasn’t been said about Markus, particularly from me. He is a wizard, a marvel and a unicorn. He won’t get to be the same player in the NBA, the competition is just too good.

But he doesn’t need to be a 20 point a night scorer to carve a real career in the league.

In case you’re a Nuggets fan and have never seen him play, here are a few good primers on what you’re getting.

40 points in a half

51 points in 32 minutes

Most points in Big East game

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One Comment on “Markus Howard goes undrafted, signs with Denver Nuggets”

  1. melerod109
    November 19, 2020 at 4:14 pm #

    you are part of the reason he was undrafted and articles like this did not help.

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