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Earlier this week, Journal Sentinel Marquette beat writer Ben Steele noted on seeing a player use Dawson Garcia in their official offer announcement on Twitter, a pretty odd sighting as most players use established greats like Dwyane Wade or Markus Howard.


I’ve always been really curious about this process. Do coaches provide the pictures for player? Do they just google them? What goes into deciding who to feature?

While I do not have those answers for you at this time, I did have time to dig in and examine all of the public Twitter #mubb offer announcements in 2020. So I put them in a spreadsheet to be able to track this going forward.

Type of Pic Times Used % of Total
MU Logo 22 64.7%
Fiserv Court 16 47.1%
Markus Howard 9 26.5%
Dwyane Wade  9 26.5%
Authentic 4 11.8%
Uni Pic 2 5.9%
Wojo 2 5.9%
Theo John 1 2.9%
Bench 1 2.9%
DJO 1 2.9%
Duane Wilson 1 2.9%
Dawson Garcia 1 2.9%
Jajuan Johnson 1 2.9%
Team shot 1 2.9%

I’m fascinated to see more recruits are using Markus in their images than one of the best players in NBA history. I like how targeted some players are with regional cult classics like DJO and Duane Wilson.

In any case this is just a fun summer project, no real analysis is needed. If you want to see the exact players Marquette has offered, I’d recommend checking out the JS’ big board.

One last thing, I follow Twitter closely, but be sure to send me any you find going forward to make sure they are added to the tracker. Here is the full list:

NameImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4
Camden HeideLogoFiserv CourtDawson Garcia
Kendall BlueLogoFiserv CourtMarkus Howard
Alex KarabanLogo
Lucas TaylorDJOFiserv Court
Louis LesmondLogoFiserv CourtMarkus Howard
Elvis NnajiLogoFiserv CourtTheo John
Roddy GayleUni Pic
Tyrese HunterLogoMarkus HowardWojo
Hunter SallisWadeBenchMarkus Howard
Taison ChatmanLogoFiserv CourtWade
Noah BatchlerAuthentic
Javaughn HannahAuthenticWadeLogo
Kyle FilipowskiFiserv CourtLogoWade
Justin TaylorLogoWade
Rodney RiceLogoFiserv Court
Kameron JonesMarkus HowardLogo
Nisene PoplarUni Pic
Prince AligbeLogoFiserv CourtMarkus HowardWade
Bensley JosephWade
D’Marco DunnLogoMarkus Howard
Reese JulianLogoFiserv Court
Luke GoodeLogoFiserv Court
Jordan LonginoLogo
Jordan HawkinsWade
Ryan ConwayLogo
James Graham IIIMarkus HowardDuane/JJJWojo
Brandin PodziemskuLogoFiserv Court
Jaden SchuttFiserv CourtAuthentic
Jaquan HarrisFiserv CourtMarkus HowardLogo
Perry Smith Jr.LogoWade
Jonas AidooLogoTeam shot
TJ PowerLogoFiserv Court
Jameel BrownLogoSelf
Jai SmithAuthentic

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