Theo John’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night


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There are about 37 negative ways to analyze Marquette’s drubbing at Creighton, but the thing that stuck with me well into the morning was Theo John’s 8 minutes.

After all, it was Creighton’s coach Greg McDermott himself who was caught in a huddle last season instructing his players not to take it into that “monster” down there. So in a game where Marquette was holding the doors open for Creighton’s attack, I thought putting in said monster for longer spells would be prudent. After all, going into the game, opponents were shooting only 35% at the rim with Theo on the court, vs 51.6% with Ed.

John has been playing most of this season with a hand injury, so I naturally thought the limited time may have something to do with that, and even asked Journal Sentinel reporter Ben Steele if he could ask.

After seeing that, I rewatched all of Marquette’s possessions with Theo on the court, and as is usually the case, Wojo knew much better than I what was going on.

On offense, Theo John touched the ball 5 times the entire game and turned it over 3 times due to his weak handling of the ball, (one wasn’t charged to him, but the pass was definitely catchable.) He completed 1 pass and had 1 shot blocked. Yikes doesn’t begin to describe it.

But MU doesn’t really need offense from him, how was the defense in his time on the court? Worse than when he was off of it, believe it or not.

Creighton took 16 shots while John was on the court and scored a whopping 25 points. That is also in the Mega Yikes category.

To make matters worse, it’s not like Creighton was just getting hot from long, contested shots Theo had no part in, they were taking it right to the hole, with 8 of those 16 shots coming at the rim. The only problem was, Theo was only at the rim for 2 of those.

Creighton’s staff did a marvelous job game planning to keep Theo at the perimeters by either pushing the pace or having the big sag at the arc almost every possession.

Look at his location on all these attempts, it’s not by accident.

5.40.JPG17.30.JPG17.50.JPG 19.07.JPG

Again, look at the time and score on those last 3 images. Creighton knew exactly what it wanted to do from the tip and basically drove Theo out of the game, making their supposed weakness (their lack of size) their strength.

Now look at the final shot chart and join me at the cry spot.

Shot Chart.JPG

This is the kind of NSFW image you leave in each player’s locker to drive home the point before every game.

Needless to say, the coaching staff’s lack of adjustments and personnel decisions also deserve heavy blame. Going to Symir Torrence over Greg Elliott right away when Koby got in foul trouble a minute in gave the Blue Jays confidence, as they picked the freshman apart.

Jamal Cain was also poor defensively, having 8 points scored on him in 5 primary possessions. Every time he was isolated, Mitch Ballack or another quicker Jay would take him to the basket, he simply doesn’t have the reaction time to stay in front of perimeter players.

Long story short, I think Theo will be “fine” and Marquette will be as well. They didn’t match Creighton’s gameplan, couldn’t adjust well enough, and the road environment just zapped them of their will (or something). The ceiling remains a 5 or 6 seed, but we saw (once again) just how perilously low the floor is.


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One Comment on “Theo John’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night”

  1. Dutch
    January 3, 2020 at 7:08 am #

    5 or 6 seed? You mean NIT, yes? What conf team does MU beat on the road? If ‘Nova rolls on Saturday , MU is 8-10 in conf at best. No quad1wins in the non-conf and the Warriors fate is sealed… back to the NIT. Not good!

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