Top Markus Howard Crows

Markus Howard is a master at getting his own shot off in the face of tough defense. He’s tremendously agile whether on the crossover or the stepback, and his shooting speaks for itself.

Sometimes, though, in the course of putting the moves on the D man, he murders them. Not in the physical you’re going to get arrested way, of course, but in the sense that they get dropped to the floor, have a shot hit in their eye, and their basketball soul leaves their body.

Because MU and Howard probably won’t condone the use of murder on a semi regular basis in connotation with his name, I’m going to take Anonymous Eagle’s advice and call them crows. (As in, what do you call a group of crows?)

You can’t really go wrong with any crow, they are all pretty devastating, but here’s my ranking of them throughout his career.

1. 1/10/19 vs. Creighton

In overtime against a conference opponent, en route to 53 record breaking points, this crossover ethered Ty-Shon Alexander. I could watch this all day.

2. 12/29/18 vs. Southern

The only reason this isn’t one is because of the quality of the opponent. This one is so dirty I should probably tag it NSFW.

3. 1/10/19 vs. Creighton

I don’t quite understand how the Davion Minz skated across the floor like that, but looking at the time and score makes it quite the feat for Markus.

4. 5.3.19 vs. Creighton

Hey look, it’s Creighton. Again. Zegarowski didn’t hit the floor, so it limits the overall impact, but he definitely bent the knee to the King in the BEast.

5. 10/29/19 vs. St. Norbert’s

It’s not against a D1 opponent, so that definitely limits the overall effect. But man, Howard just dropped him with that stepback.

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