Marquette Summer Musings

There’s nothing really story-worthy at the moment, but here’s a quick roundup of Marquette-related news that caught my attention.

MU full team practice clips

It’s early July and while basketball season is nowhere near close, it’s also been almost 4 months since we saw the team in action. Ugly though that Murray State loss was, I’m jonesing for some content. So Marquette’s little clips from the summer workouts, now with a full roster, hit the spot just right.

It’s 90 seconds of tiny clips from a workout setting, from there isn’t much we should be taking away, but that’s no fun. The thing that stuck out to me is that Ed Morrow has been working out at the 5 (from what MU has released) and is paired against Theo John in this clip.

The addition of Jayce Johnson has brought bout questions as to how the 3 will share 40 minutes, leading us to believe Ed will see at least some minutes at the 4. Obviously a lot can and will change in the next 4 months, but for now, the focus seems to be having him in the interior.

I am all-the-way in on Koby, and am not about to let an 8 second clip of him wrecking defenders to get a layup go unmentioned. His ability to create for himself and get to the rim is something we haven’t seen from anyone other than Markus on a consistent basis the past 2 seasons. He’s going to carry a huge load right from the start.

As for seeing Cain guarding him 8 feet outside the arc, and subsequently get beat with ease, it just reinforces my belief that he’s best positioned as a wing playing closer to the paint. He just hasn’t shown the versatility to guard perimeter players that Brendan has. We shall see.

As for Brendan, the shooting never came last season, but he continues to display why coaches have been so high on him in practice.

Also, IKE!

No video in Europe

Ironically, as much fun as it is to over-analyze these clips, we won’t be able to go full 2015 when Marquette visits Spain and France for its Eurotrip in August. The company Marquette contracted with for the itinerary was unable to facilitate live streaming.

So no live games and no close-up looks like last time in 2015.

Summer Big East Rankings

SI and NBC both released their summer Big East projected rankings on Tuesday, and both struck a similar tone, saying that Markus’ supporting cast was a huge question, post-Hausers. Both had MU finishing 6th.

Here’s SI’s and here’s NBC’s.

Despite having similar placements, there was a pronounced difference in the quality analysis.

And as a reminder before you get too upset at the placements, the same NBC writer also predicted MU would finish in 8th place last season. So yea.

Personally, I think Marquette is in a second tier, so 6th isn’t terribly offtrack.

The Big East will be really, really good next season, too.

TBT schedule/uniform

And in case you forgot, we don’t have to wait until the Fall to get a real basketball fix in. Golden Eagles Alumni are once again participating in The Basketball Tournament in late July.

Although the roster looks a bit different without DJO and Jerel, Buycks and Jamil still will provide plenty of proven talent.

Their opening game is on July 26th at 7 p,m, but here is the full schedule as well.

Gary said what?

CBS’ Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander spent a long time discussing UConn’s move to the Big East last week where Gary tried to make an argument that the AAC’s quality was equal and possibly better than the Big East going forward. Yea no.

There’s a few more Tweets I didn’t include, but when the perennial bottom dweller, DePaul, would rank as a middle of the pack team (per KenPom) in the AAC, the discussion can start and stop there.

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