Sam and Joey Hauser to transfer… WTF?

Sam and Joey Hauser announced they will be transferring from Marquette. You read that right.

On the heels of one of the most euphoric non-gameday Fridays in recent memory, when Marquette’s All-American Markus Howard announced he would be back for his senior season, Marquette’s outstanding tandem announced they would continue their careers elsewhere.

I won’t BS you and tell you this was something diehards could see coming. I was in the midst of putting the finishing touches on a post explaining how 2020 was THE year that 2009 and 2014 promised to be. Alas, much like those years, unforeseen transfers killed the hype before the ball was even tipped.

Some MUScoop tipsters tiptoed around it this weekend, and I was able to confirm early Monday that this was no internet rumor, but even then, I still waited, with the smallest sense of hope that some sense of potential redemption could prevail, but it was not to be.

This leaves two craters in the roster, as the tandem provided 133 3s on the season, each shooting over 40% and leaves Marquette with only two player on the roster who have ever made 30 3s in a season at over a 35% clip, Howard and transfer Koby McEwen.

Koby in particular will offset some of the scoring punch from this decision, but we can talk about that later in the summer.

For now, I don’t have answers as to why this might be happening, other than to note the timing  directly on the heels of Markus’ decision to return.

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