Pundit predictions for Marquette 2018-’19


Marquette Men’s Basketball

With the start of the season but a finger roll away, most of the national outlets have finalized their team and conference previews. I’m a sucker for sniffing out “narratives” and love to get a gauge into what the rest of the country sees when they look at this Marquette team.

And for the first time in Wojo’s tenure, expectations of national outlets are matching those of the vocal fanbase.

Unlike last season, where Marquette was a bit of an afterthought in most outlets, the returning duo of Howard and Hauser, combined with a general exodus of Big East talent, have put Marquette back in the center of conversations.

The general consensus seems to be that Marquette will be a top tier Big East finisher and secure it’s NCAA berth with relative comfort.

Will that be the case this season? Who knows, but that’s why they play the games:

Sports Illustrated

2019: (2nd in BEast)
2018: 45th (8th in BEast)
2017: 51st (7th in BEast)
2016: 46th (5th in BEast)

CBS Sports

2019: 27th (3rd in BEast)
2018: 56th (7th in BEast)
2017: 49th (7th in BEast)
2016: 63rd (6th in BEast)

NBC Sports

2019: 25th (5th in BEast)
2018: (6th in BEast)
2017: (7th in BEast)
2016: (6th in BEast)


2019: 29th (2nd in BEast)
2018: 49th (7th in BEast)
2017: 47th (7th in BEast)
2016: 53rd (7th in BEast)


2019: 29th (4th in BEast)
2018: 25th (4th in BEast)

John Gasaway

2019: 23rd (2nd in BEast
2018: 36th (6th in BEast)


2019: 4th (1st in BEast)
2018: 33rd (5th in BEast)

ESPN (Borzello)

2019: 22nd (2nd in BEast)

Jeff Goodman

2019: 22nd (2nd in BEast)

Andy Katz

2019: 19th (2nd in BEast)

Sporting News

2019: (2nd in BEast)


2019: 33rd (2nd in BEast)
2018: 31st (5th in BEast)

College Sports Madness

2019: 29th (3rd in BEast)
2018: 49th (7th in BEast)
2017: 69th (8th in BEast)
2016: 46th (5th in BEast)

3 Man Weave

2019: 26th (2rd in BEast)


2019 : (2nd in BEast)
2018: (7th in BEast)
2017: (5th in Big East)


2019: (5th in BEast)
2018: (7th in BEast)

Jeff Sagarin

2018: 54th (7th in BEast)
2017: 68th


2018: (7th in BEast)
: (8th in BEast)
2016: (6th in Big East)

Team Rankings

2018: 53th (8th in BEast)


Overall Projections

BEast National
BPI 1 4
Katz 2 19
Goodman 2 21
ESPN (Borzello) 2 22
ESPN (Gasaway) 2 23
3 Man Weave 2 26
AP 2 27
KenPom 2 29
Yale 2 33
Big East 2
Athlon 2
SI 2
Rothstein 2
Sporting News 2
Busting Brackets 3 23
CBS 3 27
College Sports Madness 3 29
TRank 4 29
NBC 5 25
Lindy’s 5
Average 2.45 24.07
Median 2 25.5

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