Tips for not getting blocked on Twitter by Wojo

With a fresh and exciting basketball season nearly upon us, it’s time to get back in game shape. No, nothing that requires sweating or an elevated heart rate. I’m talking about Twitter finger dexterity.

There are bigger expectation for this Marquette season than any since 2013-’14, which makes for great buildup, but can also be used as tinder should things go south. And if you scroll through Twitter at basically any point during the season, but particularly after any loss, the hotness of the takes can threaten to engulf you.

So this is my reminder to take a few breaths before you post. Yes, vent away. God knows I do it, but a good 75% of those Tweets end up in the drafts purgatory. Just don’t be a jerk.

In fact, my common sense advice is in your own best interest, as Wojo seems to be operating with a very short leash this year, as shown in the conversation below.

As far as negative Tweets go, that doesn’t come close to registering. He didn’t tag Wojo or even mention him directly. The context of the Tweet was that Marquette has cut unsuccessful coaches after 5 years, but it wasn’t done in any disrespectful or malicious way. In fact, I would say my own Tweet was much worse, though not even close to block worthy.

That got me doing a bit of searching, and it looks like it’s not a one-time thing.

To be fair, Twitter can be a wretched pit of ill will on good days, and Wojo has every right to block any accounts he wants for whatever the reason. I have 1/1000000 of his following and have shown a thin skin from time to time with Mutes and Blocks. It’s a sanity thing.

However, following him on Twitter is almost a must to stay up to date on recruiting news, so it is in an #mubb fan’s best interest to know where the line is. A request to the Athletic Department to see if there was anything in particular that could serve as a trigger yielded a generic “it’s up to him” reply.

So with all that said, here’s a short how to on not getting blocked by Wojo.

Don’t @ him

This is just common sense.

Don’t include “Wojo” in a Tweet

Subtweet him like the rest of us.

Don’t reply to @PaintTouches

Only bad things can happen.

Never Tweet

Can’t get blocked if you don’t Tweet.

Delete Your Account

The best Twitter advice you’ll ever receive.

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