Coach Wojo’s intensity is no joke

Remember that one time Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski got so amped before a non-conference game he punched a whiteboard and tore up his hand? If so, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he can dial up to 100 real quick on the sidelines. 

Even so, seeing him do so in August in a friendly during a Euro tour is quite a scene. Here’s what we said back then.

Now, with Marquette Athletics releasing the full 20-minute foreign-tour television special on their YouTube page, we can see that passion from the other side. It’s real and it’s spectacular. 

Here’s the transcription, but you really have to watch the full clip above to get a true sense of what drives Wojo:

“You play like a bunch of little kids. We’re playing so soft and so young. Soft and young. We’re inside, they’re being physical, our big guys end up 12 feet away from the basket. FIGHT. Now Come one.”

Soft and young will be an apt descriptor for this team much of the year, but you can bet bloggers won’t be the ones using that phrase most. Seeing what he’s like in front of the camera, I can’t even imagine Wojo’s ferocity behind closed doors.  

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