Breaking down a Marquette offseason workout video

I don’t know about you guys, but we’re dying here. There’s only so much analysis you can do off conjecture and imagination. The season can’t come soon enough. As a result, we’re forced to make lemonade out of orange peels with posts such as these. 

It’s no secret Marquette’s offseason program with strength and conditioning coach Todd Smith is one of the best in the country. Two years ago in the NCAA Tournament in Louisville, all the out-of-town reporters couldn’t stop commenting on how DJO and Jae Crowder looked like NFL players and actually asked Buzz Williams about whether they had had any contact from NFL teams. Up until now, we had only seen tiny glimpses into what these workouts consisted of.

Then the video above dropped. This calls for a video breakdown.

  • The whole thing starts with the quote from John Green: “What is the point of being ALIVE if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.” I’m not going to lie, I had no idea who John Green is so I had to do some quick research. Turns out he’s a decent author and a self described vlogger. I don’t know about you, but cheesy quotes by 35-year-old dudes don’t cut it for me.
  • My first reaction as I started to watch it was, that’s a strange choice for background music. I’m as big a Kanye fan as there is, seeing as we nearly shared a high school and did have a few of the same teachers, but “Strange Fruit” is a song about lynching. The beat may be perfect for this type of reel, but it just seems odd. Any generic pump up music would have been more appropriate.  
  • The first player intros have some hard mean mugs from a few players then bam, Chris Otule’s huge grin pops out of nowhere at the 33-second mark. I try to remain unbiased in covering the team, but how can you not like a guy who’s too nice to even pretend to scowl for three seconds. 
  • (:44) Throw Jamil Wilson in with Chris in the happy department.
  • (1:40) I’m no boxer, but Derrick Wilson’s form is impeccable. He approaches the heavy bag with perfect form and then releases a jab that would put Manny Pacquiao back on the mat. Remind me not to get into a fight with that guy.
  • (1:50) Juan’s freestyle swim reminds me a lot of my own back in high school. We won’t be challenging Michael Phelps any time soon.
  • (2:00) Is that hand slapping game legitimately a conditioning drill? Dang, we were ahead of the curve back in third grade. 
  • (2:07) Of course Davante Gardner is bent over at the top of the stairs as everyone walks back. 
  • (2:16) Jake Thomas’ hand speed in that wall punching drill is ridiculous. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jameel McKay’s punching form leaves much to be desired. I’m not one to talk, though.
  • (2:50) AM I the only one wondering why they were running timed sprints in the hallway of the Al McGuire Center? There’s indoor and outdoor tracks galore on campus.
  • (3:34) Running in place on a tumbling mat looks dreadful. I’ll pass on that one.
  • (4:25) 80-pound dumbbells, eh. Not bad Mr. Thomas.
  • (4:30) 100-pound dumbbells? Touche Otule.
  • (4:35) If this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Derrick, he has one heck of a future as a strength coach. Impeccable form on his lifts.
  • (4:57) Couple thoughts. 1) Why in the world are they playing water polo? 2) Why aren’t they using an actual water polo net? 3) Can you imagine being the guy holding up the yellow swimming board. “Yo, Joe. Hop in the pool and hold up this here board. We’re going to launch it as hard as we can at you.” Don’t forget to duck.
  • (5:16) As a state champion, Sandy Cohen is going to kill that triple mat jump next year.
  • (5:42) How high did Jamil just touch? The bar seems to be about three feet above the rim. Wow.
  • (5:48) That hanging V drill that has Duane Wilson shaking uncontrollably looks like something straight out of a medievel torture chamber.
  • (5:54) What’s with the lady in the background chilling with the bar on top of her?
  • (6:33) The blooper real is even better than the actual video. Not quite sure what the move Steve Taylor is putting on Todd Smith is, though.
  • (6:44) Dylan Flood’s sole cameo is him tripping up the stairs. The glamorous life of a walk-on.
  • (7:00) That handstand fall could have ended really badly. Naturally he gets laughed out of the room.
  • (7:18) Jamil’s got some MJ moves. Jackson, not Michael.
  • (7:24) Juan’s dancing is…special.
  • (7:40) Of course Otule closes the video out by breaking out in song. At this point, it would surprise me more if he didn’t.

In all seriousness, that was a great behind-the-scenes look at the grueling work that goes on when the spotlight isn’t on. Well done Marquette Athletics.


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