Player Grades: Marquette vs Butler

With the emotions of the immediate aftermath of the best game of the tournament behind us, it’s time to look back on a gutsy performance by the Golden Eagles and see where the individual players grade out.

Vander Blue (29 pts, 9-15 FG, 8-8 FT) Vander was the best player by far for Marquette, and maybe for the tournament to date, as Greg Anthony said afterwards.By scoring ten points and getting to the line six times in the first half, he made sure Marquette was within striking distance for the second. Then he put on a show, finishing with 29 points on an array of shots, scoops and dunks. The way he put the team on his back alone would be impressive, but the efficiency and clutchness made this one of the all-time Marquette performances in the NCAA Tournament. Three seasons, three Sweet 16s for the junior from Madison. Not bad. A++

Jamil Wilson (13 pts, 5 reb, 2 ast) Jamil came out balling in the first two minutes scoring a quick five points, but went ice cold the rest of the half, missing all four shots he took. Not to worry, second half Jamil was out in full force, taking his man off the dribble a few times and really putting the pressure on Butler. He also has to be lauded for his defense, switching of on a scorching Rotnei Clark and helping to cool him off. The scary part? I don’t think Jamil is anywhere near his peak. B+

Derrick Wilson (0 pts, 0 ast 1 reb) There is no denying he’s bad on the offensive end. Not just bad, but a net negative. He doesn’t shoot no matter what the circumstance, and other teams know it, forcing Marquette to play four on five. But the defense he had on Clark in the last ten minutes of the second half were clutch, constantly being inserted for Junior for defense down the stretch.  Buzz would trust Derrick to guard his kids’ lives, so he’s good by me. C-

Todd Mayo (0 pts, 2 reb) He fouled a shooter on first possession then put up terrible, unexplainable three trying to draw contact after Marquette had gotten three offensive rebounds. It was that kind of night for him, again. He missed both shots he took and mishandled the ball numerous times, making him useless on the night. F

Junior Cadougan (9 pts, 2 ast) In the first half, Junior was plain awful. He was careless with his handle, went under a few screens and got beat repeatedly by Clark. Yet, his second half more than made up for it. He was aggressive in crucial junctures, providing two key buckets down the stretch. He has the ability to beat his man and take it tin, but has been way too timid the last few weeks. Three Sweet 16s for Junior as well, with, hopefully, the best to come. C

Steve Taylor (0 pts, 3 reb) Steve did well to snag a few defensive boards in the first half, but he still doesn’t have Buzz’ trust to play through a few mistakes, limiting his minutes. C-

Chris Otule (2 pts, 2 reb) Chris gad a few good looks at the basket in the first half, but wasn’t as dominant on defense with few opportunities as Butler was pulling its bigs to the perimeter. He still struggles with guarding the arc, but that’s no surprise. His sealing skills are still as effective as ever, clearing the way for Vander drives a few times. C

Davante Gardner (8 pts, 4 reb) Davante got called for two travels in the first half and wasn’t passing out of double teams quick enough, but made good adjustments in the second. His Euro-step lay-in late in the second half was stuff of legends, truly awing the viewing public no used to his skill set. Most importantly, Gardner went 3-4 at the stripe with  the game on the line, making it a four point, two possession game with mere seconds to go. No one else you would want in that position. 

Trent Lockett (13 pts, 6 reb, 2 ast) The “flagrant foul” in the first half changed his approach a bit, but didn’t stop him from being effective. he finished as Marquette’s leading rebounder and second leading scorer doing a bit of everything in between. He also had a tremendous follow off a Gardner miss, tipping the ball with his left hand below the rim while flying through the air. He is Marquette’s glue and a fantastic addition to this team. A

Juan Anderson (0 pts, 2 reb, 2 ast) Juan didn’t have much of an impact in this one, seeing his first sub less than a minute in. He did show off something he excelled at in high school, making a beautiful pass from the top of the arc that led to an easy lay-in. C-

Jake Thomas (0 pts, 0 reb) Jake got thrown in the mix during Marquette’s drought in the first half, but wasn’t able to make an impact. NA

Jamal Ferguson and Dylan Flood did not play.

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One Comment on “Player Grades: Marquette vs Butler”

  1. March 24, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Buzz: “Derrick Wilson is the reason we’re still playing.” Completely missed the mark on his contributions to the game.

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