Who benefits most from Cadougan?

It’s no secret that SI’s Luke Winn has some tremendous chart and graphic making skills. If you don’t believe me just check out this week’s Power Rankings and see the wealth of visual information he provides.

My only gripe with Mr. Winn is that he has yet to make a super cool graphic for Marquette this season. He has only ranked Marquette in the top 16 three times this year (although I may have missed one) and none of those times has there been a chart in our respective section.

So I took matters into my own hands and did one a la Winn. I went through all the Big East box scores and collected the data for Junior Cadougan to see who he was dishing dimes to most often in Big East play and who required his table-setting skills the most. Here are the results.

Pardon my lack of Photoshop for some of the roughness, but alas, it was my first attempt and shall be improved upon as the season progresses.

The pie chart in the upper left hand side is the distribution of assists. In other words, who was receiving most of Cadougan’s helpers. As it turns out Junior feeds Jae Crowder most — 35 percent of the time — and Darius Johnson-Odom second most — 26 percent of the time — while Jamil Wilson receives 13 percent of Cadougan’s helpers.

The graph in the bottom right hand corner indicates how often a Marquette player’s field goal comes off an assist from Junior in conference play. Once again, Crowder has the highest percentage, meaning he relies on Cadougan more than any other player.

DJO’s rather low numbers were surprising, as you’d assume the drive and kick would result in a higher percentage of assists from Cadougan, but that has not been the case. The only player who relies less on Junior is Davante Gardner, and he’s been absent the past six games.

Overall we can take away that Junior distributes his assists to the seniors more often than not. Crowder combined with DJO to receive 61 percent of all of Cadougan’s helpers, almost 2/3rds of the junior’s total. To take that even further, Cadougan has assisted on at least one field goal by a senior (either Jae or Darius) in every conference game this season.

With the faster tempo coach Buzz Williams is now stressing, it will be interesting to see how these numbers change in the last three games as well as postseason play.

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