January 26 Bracket Projection

January 26 Bracket Projection

Lets hear your thoughts!

Conference breakdown

Big East: 9
Big Ten: 8
SEC: 7
ACC: 5
Atlantic 10: 5
Big 12: 4
Pac 12: 2
Mountain West: 2
Missouri Valley: 2
West Coast: 2

Last Four In

North Carolina State

First Four Out

New Mexico
Iowa State

Published by Michael LoCicero and Michael Wottreng

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2 Comments on “January 26 Bracket Projection”

  1. Where's the respect?
    January 28, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    To the guy Mike who created this prediction…ummm….NO. First off, not sure how much you are “into” college basketball, or how much homework you do on the sport, but either way you should know that the Mountain West is ranked HIGHER overall than the ACC (as in RPI rankings as of 1/23/12…google it). Yes, I was shocked as well, but the MWC is ranked 5th overall ahead of the ACC and PAC12. The MWC has a better W-L record vs the ACC and the MWC has a better out of conference schedule than the ACC. Even though the MWC is not considered one of the top 6 major college basketball conferences, it should be….and statistically, THIS YEAR IT IS. So by having the MWC only getting 2 schools in, and the A-10 and ACC both getting 5, well….especially if you are doing rankings this early based on what has been seen to date in the NCAA games, is WAY OFF. New Mexico is a LOCK to get into the tourney for sure (as of today, good wins are v. St.Louis and v. Okla St., good losses are UNLV and SDSU), along with SDSU and UNLV of course. There could also be a 4th sleeper than sneaks in as well. I am suprised that a website like this, that should not have the same “power bias” that some of the major networks like Fox or ESPN, still has that same bias. I am a Big East grad, so my conference gets the proper respect, but the MWC should get their’s too as they as the real deal this year.

  2. January 28, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    First of all, there is never such thing as a good loss. And New Mexico is by no means a lock at this point. They have one win against a borderline tournament team (SLU) and have lost to Santa Clara. Those two cancel each other out.

    They have a good amount of decent wins, but they need that “signature win” that they could have gotten at home against SDSU, but they didn’t.

    I’m assuming you’re objecting to NC State’s inclusion over New Mexico. Their numbers are very similar except one category:

    NC State RPI 48, New Mexico RPI 50
    New Mexico 4-1 on road, NC State 2-2.
    New Mexico 5-3 vs. RPI top 100, NC State 4-5.
    New Mexico and NC State 1 loss against RPI top 151 or lower

    Non-conference strength of schedule:
    New Mexico 259
    NC State 33

    Now can you tell me why New Mexico should be included over NC State?

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