Vander Blue, Darius Johnson-Odom Post Game Comments

Transcribed by Michael LoCicero
Winning in Madison, without Cadougan, etc.
DJO: Depending on how hard we play, that’s how I feel. We shot 38 percent, I though it was our will to win. We got 10 stops at the end of the second half to close it out. When you’ve got stuff down like that going on with Junior and Jae and everybody else, we’ve got to find a will and a way to win. I thought the bench guys did a great job. Mayo was incredible tonight. Juan came in and got an offensive rebound, layup, it was key plays and key possessions that helped us win that game.
Van: I pretty much feel the same way. If you look at the stats, on both sides, both teams didn’t shoot the ball well. I feel that our intensity and our will to win and ability to stick together was the reason why we won. That’s what we live for, playing in a situation like this. Coming to the Kohl Center, obviously is a disadvantage and not having Junior that doesn’t help us and Jae not really getting into the groove, and Jamil getting hurt like you said, of course we could have just laid down and took a loss, but it shows the character of our team and just shows that no matter what, we’re going to fight to the end.
41-40, tough shots for DJO
DJO: I think my team has a great feel for when I’m in a groove. I’m a senior, I have to make those kind of shots, those big shots as we all call them. I want to take them. Guys like Vander do a great job of finding me and understanding that I can make those shots at times. Just give the credit to my team for hanging in there with me and just finding me for some of those shots.
Defensive plan coming in against Jordan Taylor
Van: We knew he was a good player, we got the scouting reports just like everybody else. We all took it kind of personal that tonight was going to be the night he was going to go off and win the game. Last year he had a pretty good game at the Bradley Center and I think that really helped them win. With a great player like that, there isn’t much of a strategy, he can really do it all, so we just have to make sure we contain him and defend him the best we could as a whole, just keep putting different bodies of him. We wanted to try to wear him down and I think we did a good job of that.
Finding out about Junior
DJO: We all found out late in the game. It just came at a bad time.
DJO: Big win. I’m glad we were able to pull it out. As you can see both teams didn’t shoot incredibly well from the floor, but we didn’t lose our composure at the end. We found a way to get stops and I think that helped us key into this win. Jordan Taylor had five turnovers, that’s hard making him turn the ball over even once. When you make a player like him get a little frustration in him and turn the ball over that many times, I think we did an OK job. He’s an incredible player, so you probably won’t see him have 5 turnovers or at least one again. So it just comes at a good time for us to win this game.
Emotions, environment for Vander
Van: We can’t be satisfied; we have Washington on Tuesday in New York. Obviously, it’s a big win. I knew what to expect coming in with the fans and the crowd and me coming back here to my hometown. I’m just glad we got the win. Last year I really wanted to win and I couldn’t, so finally when we got the chance to do it, we took it to them. Obviously it feels good to come in here and win, because I’m pretty used to winning here with Memorial. It was a really good feeling, but I was just more happy about the fact that we won for Junior and the guys like Junior that really didn’t have an impact on the game and couldn’t play. I’m glad that we fought at the end and won for those guys.
Control of the tempo?
DJO: Getting stops and not letting them get second-chance points. They had ine offensive rebounds and I’m sure that’s less than their average. Last year, they just wooped our tails on the offensive glass. We held them to nine (this year) and we had 17 ourselves. When you get stops and don’t give up second chance points or rebounds, you can control the game pretty much. You take the time out to get those stops and you can control transition and whatever you want to do. The ball is in your hands and you just have to play smart.
Freshman play (Mayo, D. Wilson, Anderson)?
DJO: I think all three of those guys came to Marquette and work as hard as possible on their game. Derrick knows his role. Play defense. And he does a great job doing that. He knows we don’t need him to score or do anything that he can’t do. And when he plays like that, it’s going to be hard for a lot of guards to run what they want to run. Mayo is an incredible scorer. He just plays with a chip on his shoulder like everybody else. He made some great shots at a great time for us. Same with Juan. Juan is just now getting into the groove, missing those games that he missed got him down a little bit, but he came in to practice with a work ethic knowing ‘I know I can get myself back into this rotation.’ With the offensive rebounding and that reverse layup that he made, who knows if we would have won that game. You have to give credit to those three freshmen.

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