Players stay in touch back home, reach out to fans on Twitter

By Mark Strotman

With redshirt junior Chris Otule joining today, all 12 Marquette players are now officially on Twitter.

The Golden Eagles use the social media website for numerous reasons, but forwards Davante Gardner and Jamail Jones said keeping in touch with friends and family back home is the main reason they tweet.

“I’m so far away from home,” Gardner, a Virginia native, said. “So I use that to communicate with people back home and just show the people how Marquette basketball is doing.”

Jones, a Georgia native, added that many of his good friends and old teammates attend the University of Georgia, so he frequently tweets them to update each other on their lives.

Maybe the most popular player on Twitter, Jae Crowder, has made a name for himself by tweeting in all capital letters.

“It’s just something I’ve done to separate myself from the usual,” Crowder said. “Just being different. I’m probably the only one who tweets in all caps, so it’s different.”

Crowder, who frequently retweets fans who reach out to him, said giving back to the fans is as important as anything on his Twitter account.

“At this level, it’s good to give back to people who follow you, people who like you, whether it be classmates, family and friends, or just fans period,” Crowder said. “So it’s just me giving back and I always feel good that I talk to the fans.”

“It’s important because I was once in their position, looking up to some people and I didn’t have the ability to get that close to them, whether it be via Twitter or whatever. I didn’t have that ability, so I know how it feels to be on the other side,” he added.

The craziest tweet Crowder has ever received from a fan? A marriage proposal.

“My girlfriend got pretty upset,” Crowder said while laughing. “I retweeted it and said unfortunately, ‘I can’t.'”

Scott Kuykendall, Associate Athletic Director for men’s basketball, said players are generally allowed to tweet freely.

“We have some guidelines,” Kuykendall said. “But it’s a chance for the players to show off their personality.”

Kuykendall said coach Buzz Williams has a Twitter account but does not tweet, rather following and reading other handles. The only Twitter handle for him here is unconfirmed, but he is not following anyone and has zero tweets

Last year, the hashtag “#GTST” swept Marquette nation, standing for the team’s mantra, “Grind Together, Shine Together.”

This year, Davante Gardner has gained quite the following with his “#WeBeChillinDoe” hashtag, and Jamail Jones’ new haircut has spurred a “#TeamFlattop” hashtag.

Marquette fans can stay up-to-date with relevant Marquette information by using the hashtag #MUBB.”

Also, be sure to follow Jamil Wilson as he tweets the everyday life of a Marquette basketball player, using the hashtag #mubbLife.”

Bonus: Here’s an alphabetical list of each Marquette player’s Twitter handle, tweets and followers. Make sure to show them all some love and give them a follow.

Juan Anderson: @juanonjuan10 ; 2,433 followers, 18,935 tweets

Vander Blue: @VanderBlue2 ; 3,362 followers, 4,411 tweets

Junior Cadougan: @JRwontLOSE ; 413 followers, 58 tweets

Jae Crowder: @CJC32BOSS ; 1,747 followers, 3,139 tweets

Davante Gardner: @iGetBuckets_54  ; 1,224 followers, 7,950 tweets

Darius Johnson-Odom: @KingMe_DJ1 ; 5,787 followers, 5,906 tweets

Jamail Jones: @Mr_Jones22 ; 1,015 followers, 6,767 tweets

Todd Mayo: @DaOtherRealDeal ; 425 followers, 412 tweets

Chris Otule: @tule42 ; 140 followers, 9 tweets

Jake Thomas: @JakeMU23 ; 244 followers, 38 tweets

Derrick Wilson: @Mr_Bicenten ; 544 followers, 252 tweets

Jamil Wilson: @wils0nj ; 1,157 followers, 10,232 tweets

Coach Aki Collins: @CoachAk40 ; 328 followers, 386 tweets

Coach Brad Autry: @BradAutry ; 7 followers, 2 tweets

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One Comment on “Players stay in touch back home, reach out to fans on Twitter”

  1. Jay
    November 8, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    Great job with the article and Twitter account research. I actually ran across this article after seeing it in my Twitter feed. Pretty ironic. As usual, keep up the terrific work on the site.

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