Five Point Play V8: A breakdown of the wings

This week’s Five Point Play broke down what to expect from the three switchables in Jamil Wilson, Jamail Jones and Juan Anderson.

Wilson, a transfer from Oregon, has shown flashes of greatness in his limited time on-court with the Golden Eagles, Jones is a breakout candidate at the 2/3 spot and Anderson has the length and quickness to be an elite level defender.

Here’s what five experts had to say on the issue.

1. With Jamil Wilson, Jamail Jones and Juan Anderson, all similar in size, in the mix, how will the rotation on the wing pan out?

Andrei Greska, Marquette Tribune: J. Wilson. Anderson. Jones. From the little that I’ve seen and the whole heap I have heard, J. Wilson will be tough to take off the court. I see him playing 24-28 minutes a game right off the bat. As for the other two, Anderson is a better defender than Jones at this point, so I give Anderson more minutes at this point, but not many more. A 9-7 minute distribution wouldn’t surprise me.

Mike Singer, CBS Sports: I think it’s Jamil’s to lose. I expect him to start at small forward on opening night, even though Buzz hasn’t granted him that position yet. At Haunted Hoops, Jones was much better (2 of 4 from 3-pointers, 4-7 FG overall) than I’d anticipated and will absolutely figure into the rotation. However, he didn’t rebound nearly as well as either Anderson (8 boards) or Wilson (10). With Anderson’s recent foot injury, look for the coaching staff to bring him back slowly to avoid any lingering issues. As we all know, defense is Buzz’ mantra and Wilson and Jones’ defense will determine their playing time.

Cracked Sidewalks: Jamil, Jamil, Jamil. Wilson is the most talented and most skilled of the bunch, so expect him to command the most minutes not just at a wing position but in a variety of roles. Buzz and playing time for freshman are not an optimal mix, so don’t expect consistent contributions from Juan Anderson. Jamail? I think it all depends on his ability to connect from deep. Jones never found his stroke last season and heading into this year, the team could really use a riflelman.

Mark Strotman, Marquette Tribune: Jamil Wilson has all but locked up a starting spot with his play this preseason. Past that, I’m torn. I love Jones’ attitude and outside range and think Anderson’s length and athleticism could earn him minutes. If I had to choose, I would go with Anderson. Marquette was terrible defensively last year and, with Jimmy Butler gone, it needs someone to step up. Anderson could have an impact much like Vander Blue had a year ago.

Alex Jesswein, I think we will see Wilson play quite a few of his minutes at the four out of pure necessity (nobody else big enough to back up Jae) but he will still see some minutes at the three.  I see Jones and Anderson each having the opportunity to earn some minutes on the wing as well but with the overall depth of the team, minutes will be hard to come by.


2. Will Jones/Anderson be used more as an offensive/defensive platoon, or will one distinguish himself as the all-around better player and earn the majority of minutes in the rotation?

Andrei Greska, Marquette Tribune: Platoon. As skilled at passing as Anderson may be, he doesn’t have the physical body to score many points in the paint yet. And while Jones may have a perfect stroke, he still has trouble on the defensive end. I see these two being subbed in and out for each other frequently, especially early on when Buzz likes seeing exactly what cards he’s holding this year.

Mike Singer, CBS Sports: I think that Buzz feels more comfortable using Jones over Anderson because of his experience. However, I don’t see him using the two as a platoon. When Anderson gets healthy, I expect him to get more playing time. At the intra-squad scrimmage, the offense was able to freely flow through Anderson as opposed to say, Derrick Wilson. I don’t think his offense inhibits his playing time and when I mentioned to Buzz that he led the first half in rebounds, Buzz replied, “That’s what he should be doing.” It seemed like a ringing endorsement.

Cracked Sidewalks: First let’s see if either player makes it to the active rotation for the team. They could get those silly Erik Williams minutes and not be a legitimate contributor. Marquette returns six solid contributors plus Jamil Wilson from last year’s 22-win, Sweet 16 vintage so making it into the rotation will be challenging enough. Expect Buzz to have lineup madness during the out-of-conference slate before settling into a tigher rotation as Big East play begins. The minutes earned by anybody before January are subject to change, dramatically.

Mark Strotman, Marquette Tribune: In the end, this position will become a platoon. Time will tell, but it seems as though Anderson can be a lockdown defender when he wants to be, but Jones’ ability to shoot from the outside could be valuable on a bench that lacks a scoring threat. Jones has the experience and Anderson has the athleticism. I don’t see one being noticeably better than the other, but that’s not a bad thing. They both should figure into the rotation this year.

Alex Jesswein, I don’t know that it will be strictly offense for defense with Jones and Anderson but I do see them splitting time depending on the matchup, at least in the early going.  Come late December I think we’ll see one or the other emerge as the primary wing/forward option off the bench.

3. True or false: Jamil Wilson will average 30+ minutes per game.

Andrei Greska, Marquette Tribune: False. Only Jimmy Butler and DJO managed to log 30+ minutes last year, and J. Wilson is no Butler just yet. Jimmy was an absolute monster defensively and while Wilson may get there some day, that day is not coming this year. On top of that, there is plenty of depth behind him with Buzz having Anderson and Jones behind Wilson, or opting to go small with Blue at the 3 and Crowder at the 4.

Mike Singer, CBS Sports: False. He sat out last season and while he said at media day that he learned how hard one has to work to play for Buzz, realistically, you don’t learn that by sitting on the bench. He probably will have growing pains in terms of the rugged style of the Big East, and another thing to keep an eye on are his fouls. I know it was just a scrimmage, but Wilson led the team in personal fouls (6) in 32 minutes. Expect 10 ppg and 6 boards.

Cracked Sidewalks: False. Last season MU only had two players average 30+ minutes per game (DJO and Butler) and it won’t happen as a sophomore with Jamil Wilson.

Mark Strotman, Marquette Tribune: False. Had you swapped Wilson with Jimmy Butler last year, that may have been a true statement. But with talented depth behind him, Wilson will not need to play 30 minutes every night. There will be nights when Buzz relies on him to be a defensive stopper and score timely buckets, but there is too much talent on the wing for Wilson to average over 30 minutes a night.

Alex Jesswein, False.  Last year only Jimmy Butler and DJO averaged 30 mins plus and I have a hard time seeing Wilson getting more minutes than Crowder or DJO this year.  Additionally, I think the overall depth of the 2011-12 team is better than the ’10-11 team, thus limiting the availability of minutes.

4. Over/Under: 2.5 three pointers made per game combined from Jones, Anderson and Wilson.

Andrei Greska, Marquette Tribune: Under. Jones is the best shooter but will see the least amount of minutes. J. Wilson is the next best and will make his fair share of threes but not enough to make up for Anderson’s shooting. The freshman will struggle from behind the arc this season and won’t be shooting from there very often. I think a more realistic total is 75, or about 2 per game.

Mike Singer, CBS Sports: Over. I think Wilson isn’t scared to shoot the three and will occasionally get hot. Both he and Jones made two each during the (Haunted Hoops) game. The best three-point stroke of the three would have to be Jones, but in order for the trio to net 2.5, he’ll have to get more minutes. During warm ups, Jones was draining threes with ease while the other two seemed to be inconsistent with their shot. I think that Anderson is a pass-first forward. Some of that may be due to freshman hesitancy or if you watch his highlights, it’s easy to see that he just genuinely enjoys passing. Not to mention, he air-balled a couple during the scrimmage.

Cracked Sidewalks: Under. Jones is the one guy who could make this figure spike in Marquette’s favor though.

Mark Strotman, Marquette Tribune: I’ll be aggressive and say over. I don’t expect Anderson to contribute to this statistic, if at all, but Wilson is going to carry a bigger scoring load than most think. He’s not afraid to shoot it and has the range, and Jones off the bench could be a three-point specialist of sorts off the bench. If guard Todd Mayo cuts into Jones’ minutes, this stat probably goes under.

Alex Jesswein, Under. While all three have the ability to stroke it from deep, since they play the same/similar positions, I don’t see them being on the court enough to do so.  I think Wilson will make the most three-pointers out of the group but not quite enough to have the trio reach 2.5 per game.

5. Over/Under: 9.0 rebounds per game combined from Jones, Anderson and J. Wilson.

Andrei Greska, Marquette Tribune: Over. Way over. I wouldn’t be surprised if this trio was grabbing 14 combined rebounds a game. J. Wilson’s length and athleticism give him some of, if not the best rebounding talents on the team. Anderson was a vacuum on the glass at Haunted Hoops and has a knack for positioning himself very well. That puts us at 7 for Wilson, 5 for Anderson and 2 for Jones (14 in total).

Mike Singer, CBS Sports: Even. Nine seems like a high number but when you think about Wilson and Jones’ athleticism, it seems doable. I underrated Juan Anderson in my preview and I thank Anonymous Eagle for calling me out. The kid has a knack for rebounding. He’s not that strong but he seems to bounce around in the paint at the exact right moment. Crowder and Otule should gobble up a lot of rebounds but it seems feasible. Marquette’s fortunate enough to have depth at this position and it’s also possible for DJO to play the 3, Blue to play SG, while Junior runs the point. I expect there will be lineups not featuring any of the three.

Cracked Sidewalks: Under, mainly due to anticipated minutes played by Jones and Anderson.

Mark Strotman, Marquette Tribune: Over, because of Anderson. While I expect Chris Otule to break out and become a top-five center in the Big East, Wilson and Anderson ooze athleticism and could easily reach nine rebounds per game by themselves. Throw in Jones, who grabbed seven boards in last year’s Big East Tournament loss to Louisville, and you have an easy over.

Alex Jesswein, Under. I think Wilson will have to be a 6+ rebound per game guy in order for MU to be successful.  That being said, it’s a similar situation to the three-pointers where there are only so many minutes to go around.  I think Wilson gets in the 6-6.5 range per game but Anderson and Jones don’t reach the combined 2.5-3 rebounds per game mark.

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3 Comments on “Five Point Play V8: A breakdown of the wings”

  1. November 3, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    I think Wilson plays 30 minutes a night, with a third to half of that at the 4 spot. It seems like Buzz may revert a touch back to the 2009-2010 seasons and keep the rotation at 7-8 players, and I could see Cadougan, DJ-O, Crowder, and Wilson playing 30+ minutes a night and Blue in 25 range.

    • November 3, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

      I can see Wilson playing 30 minutes a night, but the bench is WAY too deep for four players to average 30+ a night.

  2. November 4, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    Doesn’t Mark look like he’s 12 in his picture?

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