Haunted Hoops Live Blog and recap

Junior Cadougan put on a clinic at Haunted Hoops

Click to read the live blog as we reported from the Al McGuire Center.

Saw some real good stuff from Cadougan, Otule and J Wilson. Those three impressed me most in that order.

Great: Junior took it to the paint at will and got to the line over and over again going 10-10 from the stripe. It will be hard to take him off the court. Otule dominated Gardner down low and also impressed at the FT line. GoMarquette had him with 22, we had him with 17, but no matter he still was a force. J Wilson gave us a taste of his tantalizing talents hitting threes, driving, skying for boards and playing great defense on Crowder.

Good: DJO looked to be on a different level near the end of the first half, draining jumpers and making mincemeat of any defender. He didn’t push the issue much though, and missed the potential game winner in regulation. Jamail Jones has such a pretty shot, makes you feel its going in ever time. He is a good complement to a drive from Junior or DJO because he can hit the open 3. His defense is very poor though and he kept losing his man. Juan Anderson, on the other hand was great on defense, grabbing 8 boards. I forsee Buzz using these two in varying situations, going with Jones when he needs points and Juan when he needs a stop. I think I would also put Gardner in this category. He put a lot of moves on Otule but didn’t always finish them. His court vision is phenomenal though. Best passing big man I’ve seen in the last 8 years at MU.

Average: Vander was aggressive and put in a 13 points but his shot still makes me cringe. A slashing Vander is a very potent weapon though, especially if he hits his freebies. Jake Thomas didn’t see major minutes but watching him warm up he hit about 19 of 20 threes. He’s a ridiculously good shooter.

Poor: Crowder really disappointed tonight. Missed bunnies, forced the issue and went 0-5 from three, only scoring 9 points. MU needs a lot more from him. As for D Wilson, there was some split opinions amongst us. Personally, he seemed slow and barely created offense. He was also taken off Junior down the stretch as DJO replaced him. He’s a freshman so he will grow, but it makes the question of who backs up Cadougan a bit more shaky.

DNP: Todd Mayo banged his arm that he had tweaked at Madness and didn’t see the floor. He was warming up with the team so it doesn’t seem serious.

Overall, lots of good ball movement and a big emphasis on playing through the post (paint touches). Very excited for tipoff in two weeks.

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