How much does MU spend per player?

The Business First Journal published a fascinating report last week breaking down how much universities earn, spend and make on college basketball. The information is freely available to anyone through the department of education but the table in the first link makes it very easy to compare different schools, so go check it out.

One of the things that caught my eye was the crazy amount spent per player. Marquette ranked third nationally on the list, spending $143,792 per basketball player. @Brewtownandy (Andy Fleck) made a comment asking how it would looked adjusted for tuition, so I had to oblige.

Turns out Marquette drops one spot to fourth, with a surprising candidate in Florida State taking over third. That means that on average, Marquette spends $100,670 per Golden Eagle. I’m not sure I am ready to make an editorial comment on whether it’s good or bad, that will come at a later date.

So check out the numbers for yourself. The tuition, room and board, and book dollar amounts were taken from the College Board website (the company that runs AP testing) so they should be fairly accurate. If you have any questions shoot them at me @andreigreska on Twitter or leave a comment here.

Snapshot of Excel Spreadsheet

expenseperplayer Sheet1

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