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Buzz offers his explanation for MU departure

“Whatever’s in the bottle, when it’s tipped over, will come out,” Buzz Williams lectured his basketball pupils in 2010. “When it’s tipped over, whatever is in you will come out. That will be your character being revealed.” One of the lasting phrases Buzz instilled into the Marquette lexicon during his tenure was that of character […]

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Buzz 1

Buzz Williams’ Virginia Tech contract details

One of the best things about public institutions in this country is that all contracts are public records, and must be released upon request. Paint Touches put that to good use,  requesting a copy of  Buzz Williams’ contract at Virginia Tech on on April 1. It took a while, but the results are in. No […]

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Coach Buzz Williams continues to keep the Marquette roster balanced. (Photo Credit: Marquette Tribune/Aaron Ledesma)

Greska: Pulling the curtain on Buzz Williams

Buzz Williams had it all. The money: He was Marquette’s highest paid employee and was set to make just under $3 million next season, a sum that made him one of the most well  compensated coaches in all of NCAA basketball. The security: He had a rollover contract that never expired. Listen to that again. […]

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Virginia Tech welcomes Buzz with the wrong picture

Need a laugh after a stressful Friday for Marquette nation? It’s a simple mistake and the resemblance is there, but Virginia Tech mistakenly placed a picture of former Marquette assistant Scott Monarch in Buzz Williams’ directory page. Here’s the proof for posterity: Virginia Tech welcomes its new coach … um, that's not Buzz guys. Off […]

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Buzz Williams did what was best for him when he accepted the job at Virginia Tech yesterday. (USA Today)

Strotman: Buzz Williams kept his promise to himself

Buzz Williams has always been one of the best quotables in college basketball. Whether it came in the form of a blunt assessment on his team, a five-minute anecdote from a simple question or an honest and tearful response to how proud he was of one of his players, any time Williams stepped in front […]

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