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Where Marquette stands on its coaching search

Before you read any further, understand there isn’t much information in this article that those of you who have followed us on Twitter don’t already know. We have waited for the dust to settle and for any rumors to take shape, but none have. Since, for the immediate future, it appears nothing formal is going to […]

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Chris Otule: The reluctant yet effective leader

Take a look at Marquette’s roster through the eyes of Buzz Williams. According to the Texas native, his 2013 Golden Eagles consist of four “new players” and “eight guys over here, and of the eight only two of them have ever proven they’re any good.” Tough love has been part of Williams’ coaching mantra since […]

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Best 2014 recruiting fits for Marquette

With Selection Sunday now 24 hours away, content will be heavily-focused, if not entirely focused on Marquette’s opponent and results for the next month. After that we’ll have end-of-the-season reports and a look-ahead to next year’s team, so it will be a while until the recruiting trail heats up. With that in mind, we wanted […]

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