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Best 2014 recruiting fits for Marquette

With Selection Sunday now 24 hours away, content will be heavily-focused, if not entirely focused on Marquette’s opponent and results for the next month. After that we’ll have end-of-the-season reports and a look-ahead to next year’s team, so it will be a while until the recruiting trail heats up. With that in mind, we wanted […]

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Paint Touches All-Big East award predictions

With the Big East regular season in the books, awards will be handed out this week for conference honors. It’s important to remember that these awards are voted on, so there is sure to be debate on some of the winners. Anyway, we decided to take our best stab at it, and this is what […]

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Dawson finds answers through faith

John Dawson is by himself in his bedroom, praying. For the first time in his life, the bedroom is his alone. That’s what happens living with eight brothers and sisters, and even more foster children who have come off the streets and made stops in your family’s home throughout the years. It’s sacrifice. The 6-foot-3 […]

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