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Big East Tiers: 2/4/19

The Big East has officially separated itself into two main groups: Nova/Marquette and then everyone else.

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Anim making Big East pay for leaving him open

As the old saying goes, if you don’t cover Sacar, he’ll hit you with that air guitar

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Hinkle Highlights MU’s Mental Toughness

This team could have wilted when Butler threw a punch. Instead, it showed this is not the same team from the past few years.

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Theo John’s top 5 fouls ‘committed’ vs. X

Theo John fouled out against Xavier despite committing 1.5 fouls.

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Big East cannibalism and the NCAA Tournament

If the Big East had a hand in “maneuvering” outcomes, what would be the best scenario for the conference as a whole?

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Streaks, Blocks and other Marquette Notes

I tend to throw out a lot of useless/useful stats and info on Twitter that never actually get fleshed out into an article or even a blurb. So for the sake of those who may not frequent Twitter, here’s a little taste of what has been on my mind. We’re going streaking Marquette has won […]

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