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How did MU perform according to expectation in ’18?

I make a note of rounding up all the preseason projections before the season starts, to be able to gauge what the national, unbiased consensus is and to be able to measure against at the end of the season. And although there are still a few games remaining that will have minimal impact on the final […]

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Greska: Playing Hauser was dumb and dangerous

(Editor’s note: Marquette declined to make Steve Wojciechowski available for an interview.) The biggest story from last night’s season-ending defeat came via the acknowledgement from Marquette that Sam Hauser would require surgery to repair a hip injury that had been bothering him since before the start of the season, and that the recovery would take […]

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Big East NCAA Tournament Shares

I’ve long been fascinated with the financial aspect of sports, but particularly as it pertains to Marquette. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but it can be very difficult to track down information at both a macro (NCAA) and micro (MU) level. So in the interest of serving the public interest, I thought I’d […]

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Time to pad the record books

I spent a bit of time Sunday going over how a deep NIT run could help Marquette next season, but while we’re over here grasping at NIT branded straws, I do think getting a few extra games against decent match-ups is going to do wonders for the record books. The Treys Amigos are already sneaking […]

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Does the NIT have value for Marquette?

On Friday morning, when I started seeing the updated brackets roll in following Marquette’s loss to Villanova and saw that the consolidating consensus was that MU would not make it in, I started thinking a bit more about the NIT.  I can’t speak for everyone, but just hearing the words NIT means the season was […]

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Bid probabilities for all bubble teams

I mapped out what Marquette had to do to get a bid and we are breaking down who you need to root for on a daily basis, but there’s so many teams on this year’s bubble, that even with the guides it can get a bit challenging to keep it all together.  So with the […]

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