Top 10 Marquette dunks from the 2000s

With the week off, I have found myself watching Chase Ross’ dunk against Seton Hall basically on a loop. And that got me thinking, where does this compare in the pantheon of Marquette dunks from this millennium?

As with any “best” list, it’s extremely subjective and not scientific, but it’s fun and fun is good. It’s also much more difficult to find clips from the early and mid 2000s, before social media and YouTube became a thing. So here’s where I’d rank the top-10 Marquette dunks since 2000.

1. Wade vs Kentucky in the Elite 8 (2003)

The dunk itself is great, the stage doesn’t get much bigger than an Elite 8 game against the No. 1 team in the country, but what makes this the GOAT dunk is the call from Raftery. “Send it in, medium size fella” is a phrase that MU and non MU fans alike will always associate with Dwyane Wade.

2. Deonte Burton vs Samford (2014)

It was a meaningless dunk in the grand scheme of things, but the violence with which Deonte Burton puts this down is something I haven’t seen replicated from an MU player since. Just a demolition that still stands as one of the lone bright spots of a rather forgettable 2014 season.

3. Chase Ross vs Seton Hall (2023)

This is 100% recency bias but I won’t apologize for it. It ended the game for all intents and purposes, added a cherry on top of a thorough road demolition and happened against a player that had been chirping MU’s player’s for two straight games. The fact that he’s a freshman also adds a few bonus points. This was malicious.

4. Carton v DePaul (2021)

If this had happened last week, it would 100% go higher because it has everything you would want in a poster. Small on big violence is always visually appealing. Heck, he even got hacked on the play. A complete facial to end a game. The one thing I will say is the call from the announcers is awful. Minus points for that.

5. Derrick Wilson vs Georgetown (2015)

This is easily the most shocking dunk on the list. I literally had never seen Derrick touch the rim, and then he goes out and murders a guy. The call also takes it up a notch: “Derrick Wilson DID YOU!” Add in the crowd reaction and it’s probably too low on this list.

6. DJO vs Green Bay (2011) & Bonus

This dunk isn’t as famous as the one below, but it’s a much more impressive one, so I had to include it. Level of opponent makes it a bit less meaningful but that righty slam (from a lefty DJO) is still majestic.

The dunk itself is fine. A pretty cool putback and doing so over a defender. But this fan-made video clip highlighting Buzz dance on the sidelines has seared it into my head.

7. Todd Mayo v West Virginia (2012)

The dunk itself is a hammer, and from a player not exactly known for his hops, but what gives it the slight edge over the one below is the context of the game. If you remember, Buzz suspended a few players for each half and ended the night doing a two step on the logo. If not for this, who knows if we get one of the defining moments of the Buzz era.

8. Lazar Hayward v West Virginia (2010)

No this is not a replay of the one above. This is one that has gotten a bit forgotten, probably due to the fact it wasn’t widely televised, but is filthy. Zar picks the pocket, pushes it upcourt himself, and yams all over the poor defender even with the contact. For a player not exactly known for his athleticism, this play definitely gets a few bonus points.

9. Dwyane Wade vs East Carolina (2002)

I’d never seen this before today and have 0 context to add. But like 5 separate people brought it up independently, so who am I to say no. The kind folks behind Marquette’s Twitter account were able to dig up this never-before-seen clip for us as well. Thanks!

10. Dominic James v Notre Dame (2006)

To be honest, there are about 6 ‘Nic slams that could go in here as he was a human highlight reel, but this packed the most punch IMO.

So that’s what I got. Feel free to drop any I any have missed or butchered the ranking for in the comments here or on Twitter.

Honorable Mentions

Jamal Cain v Kansas State 2020

Sacar Anim vs Providence (2019)

Oso Ighodaro v UConn (2023)

Jajuan Johnson vs St. John’s (2015)

OMax v Georgetown (2022)

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