Marquette at St. John’s: Player grades

Player grades from this afternoon’s 69-67 win over St. John’s.

Junior Cadougan — It definitely was not “good” Junior Cadougan today, but he managed the offense well and finish with four assists to one turnover. The seven points, including a big 3-pointer late, were an added bonus, as were the five rebounds. Derrick Wilson saw extra run today, but Cadougan played his rear off in a tough road environment. GRADE: B

Vander Blue — What more can you say about this guy’s transformation? Blue was a constant threat today and, while he looked out of sorts in the first half, hit the biggest shot of his life at the end of overtime to give Marquette the two-point win. The shot will go down in Marquette history books forever, while Blue seems to be just beginning to make his mark on the program. GRADE: A+

Trent Lockett — A mixed bag for Lockett in the box score (five points, four rebounds, three assists, 2-for-2 FG; three turnovers, 1-of-2 FT) but he continues to make the little plays. It sounds cliche, but he’s a very intelligent defender and his turnovers come from him trying to do too much, not necessarily making a wrong decision. He was big this afternoon. GRADE: B

Juan Anderson — The sophomore starter (five points) had his largest scoring output since Jan. 26 against Providence, and he contributed a steal as well in 14 minutes. He’s been Marquette’s glue guy all year and, while he still gets pushed around inside, is doing enough to hold his own. GRADE: B-

Chris Otule — Any time Buzz Williams can get 20 solid minutes from his fifth-year center, it’s a good thing. Otule had a handful of winning plays, grabbing offensive rebounds and contesting shots, and finished with an effective four points and three rebounds. GRADE: C+

Jamil Wilson — Marquette’s “seventh man” is starting to heat up at just the right time. He dealt with foul trouble but played through it admirably, finishing with 14 points and eight rebounds in 31 minutes. His personal 5-0 run late in the second half was a major turning point. GRADE: B+

Davante Gardner — A rare 6-of-9 performance from the free throw line, but Gardner still added 10 points and six rebounds in 25 minutes. The five turnovers are far too many, and he dealt with foul trouble, but he’s still the go-to guy in the paint and Marquette will go as far as he’s able to get paint touches. GRADE: B-

Todd Mayo — People clamor for more minutes, but the fact is Mayo is simply a plug-and-play guy right now. Lockett gives more of what Williams wants (good decision-making, longer defense). Mayo finished today with two points and two assists in 13 minutes, but missed a big free throw down the stretch. GRADE: C-

Derrick Wilson — The 6-foot-1 fullback-turned-point guard hasn’t taken a big jump in his sophomore season, but it was good to see a classic Derrick Wilson line today: 12 minutes, two steals, two rebounds, zero turnovers. He’s a perfect spell for Cadougan and that was seen today. GRADE: B

Steve Taylor — The kid can’t get enough minutes going forward. Taylor finished with six points and seven rebounds in just 12 minutes of play, helping Marquette during offensive lulls in the second half. He grabbed four offensive rebounds to keep possessions alive, and you can see his defense improving. The sky’s the limit for the former Simeon star. GRADE: B+

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One Comment on “Marquette at St. John’s: Player grades”

  1. terry kelly
    March 10, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    Davante a B-? WOW. You must really grade on the curve. C-, at best. Continues to have the ball stripped away or stolen when he is (WHY is he) out dribbling.

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