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Going forward, Marquette must find its Shabazz Napier-type

With every curl he ran off of to perfection, with every 3-pointer he attempted with ease and with every transition attempt he confidently attacked the basket on, Shabazz Napier left those watching Monday’s national championship in more awe than the play before. This wasn’t anything new for Connecticut’s senior point guard, who scored 25 points in a […]

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Derrick Wilson did more in 2013-14 than he was given credit for. (Credit: US Presswire)

Why Derrick Wilson is not to blame for the MU offense

Every team not playing in a postseason tournament has its scapegoat, and there’s no denying who the public has deemed the cause for Marquette’s woes in 2013-14. But is it justified? Derrick Wilson was expected to enter the starting point guard role after playing Junior Cadougan’s understudy as a freshman and sophomore. The two players […]

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Photo by A. Martina Ibanez-Baldor

Derrick Wilson: Helping or hurting Marquette?

The biggest story line at this season’s media day was Derrick Wilson. Buzz Williams spoke at length about how important it would be for him to trust Wilson on a daily basis. His spot in the starting lineup was secure, as were his 25 minutes per game. But, as always, that wasn’t going to be […]

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What we have learned about Marquette so far

The panic button getting worn out by December. A tradition unlike any other. If you read any of the Marquette forums or follow the #mubb hashtag on Twitter, you would think this was a lost season for the blue and gold with the amount of negativity and shade being thrown around. The point guard sucks. […]

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Duane Wilson has a difficult decision to make.

Duane Wilson should take a lesson from Junior Cadougan

It’s difficult to argue one way or another whether Junior Cadougan made the smart decision in 2010 when, just four months removed from surgery to repair an Achilles injury in his left foot, he returned to the Golden Eagles lineup for the last 16 games of his short-lived freshman season. The decision was his to […]

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