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Synergy: Two areas to watch between Murray State and Marquette

Transition defense and spot up shooting may hold the keys to Marquette’s opening round matchup.

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How ‘easy’ have Ja Morant’s assists been?

Although they all count the same in the box score, not all assists are created equal. Driving past 3 defenders and dropping a dime for a slam gets you the same mark as making a 2 foot lateral pass behind the arc on a made bucket. In Marquette Scoop terminology, this is the prototypical “easy assist”. […]

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Murray State vs Marquette Bulletin Board

It’s no secret that the 12/5 matchup is the most common double-digit upset, with 12 seeds winning about 1/3 of matchups in recent history. So with that knowledge, it’s no surprise Murray State (12) over Marquette (5) seems to be one of if not the most common upset from early pundit predictions and analyses. Add […]

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