Big East COVID-19 Positivity Rates

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With each passing day, we’re that much closer to seeing real live college basketball, something I was not positive would be the case in 2020. As with anything in life post COVID, anything can change in the blink of an eye, so we’re not counting our chickens just yet.

In order to help get a better understanding of how individual Big East schools are handling the pandemic, I will be updating the charts below each Monday, with publicly provided data from each university’s dashboard.

Of course, not all schools report the same way, so there is plenty to asterisk and caveat. This is not a definitive look, but rather a general gauge of what the environment looks like.


2020 Trend


Georgetown continues to operate at a different level, conducting over 6,000 tests and only finding 8 more cases, staying at a minuscule rate of 0.2%. Providence is in clear 2nd, almost hitting 30K tests with less than 300 cases found.

While Marquette’s numbers continue to be the worst in the conference, a student did reach out on Twitter to tell us most of the people he knows that got tested did so outside of campus, meaning their negatives were not included in the calculations, only the positives, skewing the rate. If we just limit it to the campus testing, there are 235 positives on 2,416 tests, a 9.7% positive rate. That would still be the worst in the conference, but looks a little better than that gaudy 14.1% currently.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas.

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