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Photo by Ryan Messier/Paint Touches

In depth Q&A with Mike Broeker on scheduling

(Editor’s Note: In lieu of all of the questions in regards to Marquette’s non-conference schedule, (which I have criticized in two posts the past few weeks) Paint Touches got in contact with Deputy Athletic Director Mike Broeker. One of his key responsibilities is overseeing the schedule building process for the men’s basketball team, so we […]

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Historically, how weak is Marquette’s schedule?

It’s been almost week since the schedule was revealed, and though the initial outcry has subsided, questions still remain. @AnonymousEagle The Golden Eagles' schedule just looks like Exhibit A in the "Don't Do This" portion of Scheduling 101. — Chris Dobbertean (@ChrisDobbertean) July 16, 2015 I will be speaking to Deputy AD Mike Broeker next […]

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Photo by Anthony Giacomino/ Paint Touches

In the science of scheduling, Marquette failed

Marquette completed the game-by-game release of its non-conference schedule on Tuesday morning, and the results are not pretty. That’s being a bit kind. Marquette will play four high-major teams, one quality mid-major, and eight plump cupcakes. Sure, #mubb is young and the BEast will be just that, but scheduling is a science. MU just dropped […]

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What are experts predicting for Ellenson in 2016?

It’s relatively easy to project the likelihood of being drafted with a season full of video and box scores to go off of. Predicting who NBA team will target in 2016 mere days after the 2015 draft took place, now that’s a challenge.  A popular challenge, at that. 2016 NBA mock drafts have been popping up left […]

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Photo by Ryan Messier

How do FOX Sports’ cutbacks affect MU, Big East?

Every time I post or Tweet negative news about FOX Sports 1, I get a decent amount of pushback from Marquette fans and Big East fans in general. The gist of most complaints is that it’s still early and I’m just scaring the kids. No need to rock the boat. While FS1 is still in its […]

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